How to Choose a Debt Collector in London

Although it’s something we’d all rather not need to do, debt collection is sadly becoming more necessary in this day and age. Whilst how to choose a debt collector in London may seem challenging at first, it’s actually relatively easy – if you follow a few key steps.

Ask for a referral

One of the best ways how to choose a debt collector in London is to ask. Perhaps friends, family, work colleagues or companies you know may have needed to work with a London debt collector before, and can recommend one?

This should always be one of the first steps as it minimises risk, saves time and automatically you have a rapport with the debt collector as you can reference who referred you to him/her/them.

Firmly following the principle of ‘like follows like’ there’s a very fair chance if the debt collector in London worked well for your associate, then they will also work well for you.


Unfortunately, debt collection in London can have a bad reputation at times, due to a few unscrupulous few. This is why, when choosing a debt collector in London, those with a great reputation for professionalism, ethics and results will stand out from the crowd.

It’s relatively easy to check a London debt collector’s reputation – just ask them for any references, testimonials or feedbacks. Generally, most debt collectors in London will have a company website, or even social media presence, so it should be simple and quick to check their history.

Licensing and approvals

As debt collection is an extremely sensitive industry, it’s vital that when you’re choosing a debt collector in London that you check that have the required licences and approvals.

When you’re researching London debt collectors, ask them for any approvals they have received – e.g. perhaps revenue for a local council or big company – as this will reassure you of their effectiveness.

It’s also important to undertake due diligence on any debt collection company, or their employees. Sometimes, debt collection companies may not directly employ debt collectors, rather they work freelance or through some business relationship. The challenge here is how the debt collection company or individual can show their approvals or licences to you.

Conclusion: choosing a debt collector in London

As you can see, the best way to go about choosing a debt collector in London is to work with one with an excellent reputation, one that has been can point to references of successful recoveries and most of all, that they are licensed and approved.

Ultimately, the debt collector in London that you choose will be the one you feel you have the most chance of financial recovery of any monies owed to you, balanced of course with their reputation, fees, licensing and communications.

Good luck – and here’s to choosing a debt collector in London that works for you!

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