Claiming Back Tax After Leaving the UK

Take this scenario:

John and his wife are approaching their fifties. They both have good jobs and they have been living in the UK their whole lives. They have two grown children, and to all accounts they are very happy. But something has been missing.

One day, as John is taking a break from work, he stumbles across a website that offers the missing link for him and his wife – living abroad.

The idea is so finite it doesn’t take him long to plan everything. He and his wife take their savings and buy a small house in another country. They throw a big going away party with their friends and family. They hand in their notices at their respective places of work. They set up a small savings account in their new country to get them on their feet when they get there. They apply for their visas and book their flights.

Everything’s planned out. They settle into their new home quickly and easily, and remain there for a long time, now happy and complete.

But they aren’t!

John forgot one vital component – checking and double checking that his finances are in order. John didn’t realise he and his wife were missing something – a tax rebate.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) John’s situation is not uncommon for most expats leaving the UK. Claiming a tax rebate is the last thing on your mind when considering moving abroad, which is why it’s an often forgotten piece of finance to settle. But it is important to know what you’re owed, because you could be paying more tax than you should.

Am I eligible?

A tax rebate could be owed to you today if you’re thinking of leaving the UK, or if you’ve moved within the last four years.

You could also be due a rebate if you still get an income from either a pension or UK property you rent out (should you still be paying income tax). Plus, if you’re still paying income tax in the UK but live and work abroad, you could be owed money.

How can I claim?

Contact a verified, reputable rebate service, such as Tax Rebate Services and reclaim your UK tax before it’s too late!

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