Choosing UK Property Management Software

If you’re a property developer, commercial surveyor or working in property, have you considered choosing UK Property Management software or property software for block management to make your life so much easier?

Maybe you’re still going about things the ‘old school’ way, with pen, paper and calculator – not realising there’s a far better way.

Perhaps you’ve adopted the modern way, and you use a computer – but you hack about in dated spreadsheets and word processing software, not really being productive nor efficient?

Well, if there was a better option, would you consider it? Sure you would – which is why you should consider is MUS – specialist software for all types of property management.

Why you should be choosing UK property management software

If you’re already working in property, you know the amount of paperwork, documentation and repeat workflows it takes. Of course, big money is at stake in the business, but it’s also taking a serious amount of your working time to work in those old-fashioned ways you are doing.

By choosing UK property management software, you’ve taken your first step to an easier – and more profitable – life.

Simple to use

Why not use one simple system rather than those cobbled-together bits of paper or documents spread across several programs on a computer? Keep swapping programs and spreadsheets is only disrupting your workflow and distracting you – it’s called ‘task switching’ if you want to Google it!.

Work quicker

Think how much work you currently do that would work better if it was automated.

How about letters to tenants, arrears collections, rent demands or any other correspondence? By using one specialist software designed for all types of property management, all your correspondence and journalling will be a breeze.

One for all

Even if you’re an owner with  handful of properties, through to a managing agent or developer with thousands of tenancies,  using dedicated property management software will allow you to cope – efficiently, simply and profitably. Effortlessly scaleable, you can use the same system with a few as you can with many, so there’s no need to keep learning new systems or worrying about incompatibility.

Specially Designed by Surveyors

Rather than software designed by developers, specialist property management software has been designed by chartered surveyors with other 26 years experience of property management.

You can be assured whatever you need industry-leading software to do, it will do it – professionally, property and productively.


Often, specialist software packages are developed that are far from intuitive, and need weeks of specialist training to master. However, in this case, property management software works literally ‘out of the box’ and in an intuitive way, with no ‘steep learning curve’.

Accounts friendly

It’s all about money, right? What good is doing all that hard work you’re presently doing, only for the accountants to demand you do extra work – often their work in fact – when they need reports or documentation?

By choosing UK specialist property management software, there’s no need to feel pain from accountants ever again. Everything – and more – they may need is immediately accessible from the programs, so that’s one less headache for you.


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