A guide to Pension Freedoms and the Options Available in Retirement

It wasn’t too long ago the newspapers and media were seemingly full of talk about ‘the pension crisis’, of full of doom and gloom about the recession. However, was that just a case of bad news sells more papers perhaps? The truth is, you need an objective guide to pension freedoms and the options available in requirement, and it seems your daily newspapers aren’t that.

Without a doubt, there’s only one surefire way to get the best financial advice – from a Chartered Financial Planner that understands YOUR personal situation, needs and financial goals. There’s no such thing as ‘good advice for everybody’ as everyone seems to have a different situation, goals or needs.

Why you should use a Chartered Financial Planner

You need expert financial advice, but more than that, you need professional advice that’s individual to you. You need someone that can listen to you, assess the market for the right products, and develop a plan with you, especially regarding retirement or estate planning.

There’s no such time as ‘the best time’ to receive financial advice, other than right now. Even if you’re looking at your future or retirement, which may seem many years off, the sooner you start your plan the easier – and more lucrative – it will be for you.

When you a use a trusted financial advisor such as Sean Gilbert, a Chartered Financial Planner, you can be reassured that you will receive bespoke advice tailored to your individual circumstances, backed a trusted resume of hundreds of satisfied clients.

What can a Chartered Financial Planner advise me on?

CFPs specialise in providing a broad range of professional financial advice, covering :-

  • pensions
  • corporate advice
  • life insurance
  • mortgages
  • estate planning
  • savings and investments

As a guide to pension freedoms and the options available in retirement, a CFP can assist with reviewing existing pensions and investments first, to provide a clear picture of the existing situation.

Further advice can be given if any amendments are needed, or suggestions how to invest money or provide an income after stopping work.

People generally are less reliant on company pension schemes these days, so CFPs help develop financial plans whereby individual pension and investment schemes are likely more reliable for a source of retirement income.

In addition to retirement and pensions advice, health cover and insurance can also be assessed as a contingency to ill health or even death, as indeed estate planning and inheritance tax arrangements should also be considered.

Conclusion: There’s everything to gain by having a FREE discussion with a Chartered Financial Planner

Okay, we all put off taking good advice at times, but a financial plan for your future is one of the most important decisions you should take – before it’s too late.

What better time than the present, especially when most CFPs offer a free consultation? What have you got to lose (other than your money, if you don’t plan and invest it well)?

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